Thursday, June 21, 2018

From The Vienna Exhibition

We all want to express our selves and to be understood and accepted, but important to me is to illustrate my believes and feelings through my paintings. The humble gratitude I feel when I meet people who "walks into my paintings" and want to stay there is the ultimate reward for my works.

The main story to me is to show that we belong where we are and that we are a part of nature and that the nature we can see, smell, feel and listen to, is a part of a vast universe. Every painting starts out with an idea from an experience and, or photos from that same experiene. Under way and in time, an abstraction is born and in between forms and colors our fantasy gets triggered by details that suggests or shows nature-like shapes. Of course that is not only happening for me, but I love to be in that process wether the resulting painting is "understood" or not. The process is the journey and that is why I say: "To enjoy a moment in front of the easel is an art in itself."

 The title of my exhibition in Vienna had then to be: "The Sun And Beyond"
A little journey through the universe, landing on earth with some weird creatures that maybe would be a result from humans on earth.


"Sunrays Through The Bottom", "Evil Eye", "Phenix"

"The Long Journey" , "Peaceful Dreams", "Behind The Scenes", "Dark Lily"

"Hide And Seek"

"The Explosion" and "Cyclone"

My next exhibition is in last week of June in Lillesand from my own place, Studio Xpremental when Lillesand has their yearly Festival week called "Lillesands da'ene"

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