Thursday, November 3, 2011

Encaustic Art

Wax painting is a new world for me since a month ago. It has been a great experience and my appetite to learn more is certainly awakened. I find it easy to express moodes with colours and lines. Every shape and nuance is a challenge.

 It requires a great deal of concentration and focus not to destroy what you already did on your picture. As a novice to this technique I have often started out with a plan and ended up with something different. First I got annoyed, but after a while I got intrigued by the challenge of letting the composition take it's own course and decide the next step from the previous one and put the first plan on hold until  I could see if it still fitted in the picture so far. If not, I can always try again.

This technique is really releasing my fantasy and urge for exploring lines, shapes and colours in the non-figurative world.
Working with this medium is like meditation.

 Gallery Xpremental
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