Gerlinde Streit

Gerlinde Streit,
born in Austria near the Italian border. To grow up in "the alps" gives you a different aspect of the strength and power of the human race and the power over nature. Humans has no power over the forces of nature.
In that aspect, we can understand Gerlindes dramatic scenes in her paintings. She simply loves the mountains, the "bad weather" skies, volcanies, and the northern light. The more violent and dramatic, the better it is.

Latest news,
After being admitted in "International Contemporary Artists" vol. IX, published by  curator Eve Lemonidou she was awarded by
the "Sandro Botticelli Prize" 2015 in Firenze, curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo.
From the event 1. of March in Firenze (Florence)
Copyright 2015 by Studio Xpremental

Iceland - water color
Aurora borealis

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