Behind the paintings

When you are drawn to the unknown you are also very often enchanted by gazing into the sky at night for seeking stars and planets, observing the light from the moon turning to a shean of colours when clouds passes by. The star constellations never look the same, the darkness is always different, your day has been different, your mind is in a different mood. What ever problems your day have brought you that needs to be resolved, diminishes from your mind and into the night. In moments like this your soul are open for the brief Journey all on its own if you let it. It is your call.

Wether it is day or night, clouds constantly turn into different shapes and textures. Their speed and directions is following the winds.

Suddenly some clouds swiftly «grab each others tails» and form an eye. The edges dissapears out of sight while the moonlight floods over them and creates some extrordinary colour palettes. Such a particular moment has inspired the creation of «The Dragon Travellers». A closer look will not only suggest dragons, but also other animals when looking closely. How many is up to each of you. That is one of the joys of «travelling».

These Dragon Travellers ends The Year Of The Dragon.